5pointz Gang – 5pointz (prod By Superstaar Beats) [Rebeat]
5pointz Gang – M.A.R.S (prod By Superstaar Beats) [Rebeat]
5pointz Gang – Swagonometry (prod By Eldar-Q) [Rebeat]
Balatron – Actively Faded (Original Mix) [Enrichment]
Brek Bred – U Lie (The Prison Theme) [DIRTY SLUM RECORDS]
BrekBred – Are You Kidding Me [DIRTY SLUM RECORDS]
BrekBred – Streetlights [DIRTY SLUM RECORDS]
BrekBred – The Way That I love [DIRTY SLUM RECORDS]
Brother 3 – That’s What You Thought [Brother 3]
C Young – Leave It To The Light (Original Mix) [Blue Enigma]
C Young – Life Made Me This Way (Original Mix) [Blue Enigma]
Caldo Hit$ – Bad Mamacita (Original Mix) [Indiefy Records]
Color Theory – Shake The Disease (Original Mix) [Repost Network]
Damar – Prom (Original Mix) [Diesel Green]
Dantalion – Overbidder (Original Mix) [Diesel Green]
Duke Of P Street – Wings Of Persistence (Original Mix) [Mondotunes]
Dunia – Come Around Feat. Da Leader Beat (Remix GC) [Myo Records]
FAYDE – Law Low (Myles Ching) [MoAMP Records]
Family, Money – Heaven On Earth (Original Mix) [Famous]
Family, Money – I Run This Place (Original Mix) [Famous]
Ghost In The Shell, Magnus Deus – Ghost In The Shell (Trap Music Remix) [Hypetrak Records]
Gunz Lozano, Threat – Money Won’t Fold (Original Mix) [Angel Music Dist.]
Gunz Lozano, Threat – Real One (Original Mix) [Angel Music Dist.]
Gunz Lozano, Threat – Savage (Original Mix) [Angel Music Dist.]
Gunz Lozano, Threat – Slap (feat. Constantine) (Original Mix) [Angel Music Dist.]
Gunz Lozano, Threat – Way Up (Original Mix) [Angel Music Dist.]
Jay Emcee – Rich Man [EvenStar Management]
Jessard – Bengala (Original Mix) [The Mad Sound]
John Leddy – Drunk [Ey3Music]
John Leddy – He Lub Me [Ey3Music]
John Leddy – On & On (& On) [Ey3Music]
John Leddy – Red Rover [Ey3Music]
Joker Starr – Nesut Biti [Flukebeat Music]
Jordyn Carter – My Family (feat. Likybo) (Original Mix) [1015 Digital]
KSmoothYG – Pop Up Ah 4 (Original Mix) [Class Clown Records]
KSmoothYG – Rapper Weed (Original Mix) [Class Clown Records]
KSmoothYG – Roll Up (feat. Ma Da Pilot) (Original Mix) [Class Clown Records]
Laidback Luke, Unity, Ralvero, Ina – XOXO (feat. Ina) (Unity Remix) [Mixmash Records]
Lala Kent – Boy (Clean) [Foundation Digital]
Lil Nate Dogg – Moon Rock Bomb [Hood and Associates]
Luke Hall – Deep Inside (Original Mix) [Repost Network]
Miss Autumn Leaves – All This Time (Martin Le Vilain Remix) [Malmuffin]
Quicc Savo – No Lies Feat. Cvinchi Dahitmaker (Original Mix) [Mondotunes]
Riff Raff, DJ Afterthought – Lamborghini Leglock (Original Mix) [NEON NATiON , EMPIRE]
Sandy 3Ps – Swerve (feat. Marty Macphly & Mark The Shark) (Original Mix) [Support Street Music Group]
Slim Panda – G-A-P (Original Mix) [Wolfrage Recordings]
T.Parris – Lost & Found. (Original Mix) [T.Parris Music Group]
TWB, Jackie G – Everybody Talks Alike (feat. Jackie G) [24 Records]
Tell Double – Overdose [Greystone Entertainment]
The Ledgard Brothers – The Dawn Of Change (Original Mix) [Tweak It Records]
ToBy – Double Up (Original Mix) [ZYON.IO]
VAS LEON – Trust Nobody (Accapella) [VAS LEON]
VAS LEON – Trust Nobody [VAS LEON]
Young L – Everyting (feat. Keith & Lil Dad Dex) (Original Mix) [Young L Productions]