Coflo – Foguete Lento (Coflo Afro Deep Remix) [Catch The Ghost]
Coflo – Foguete Lento (Remaster 2019) [Catch The Ghost]
Coflo – O Circulo Circulo (Coflo Afro Deep Remix) [Catch The Ghost]
Da Africa Deep – Don’t Hide [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Da Africa Deep – Excuse me (Dub Mix) [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Da Africa Deep – Let Me Know [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Da Africa Deep – Lost Child [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Da Africa Deep – My father is Jazz [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Da Africa Deep – Perspective [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Da Africa Deep – Water Fall From Home [Tapedeck Produkxion(Pty)Ltd]
Domcy – African Woman (Original Mix) [Circle Records]
Dreamer – No Condition Is Permanent [Guettoz Muzik]
Dreamer – iThemba (Afrikan Touch Mix) [Guettoz Muzik]
Patrick Amaral – Cacongo (Original Mix) [MJ Records]
Rastronaut – Calhariz [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Rastronaut – Massama N [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Rastronaut – Portas [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Wolf Story – Between the World and Me [Get Physical Music]
Wolf Story – Heart Love [Get Physical Music]


Bruno Azevedo – I Don’t Wanna (Extended Vocal Mix) [EPride Music Digital]
Bruno Azevedo – I Don’t Wanna (Instrumental Mix) [EPride Music Digital]
Bruno Azevedo – I Don’t Wanna (Intro Remix) [EPride Music Digital]
Sharp Man – Insane Chemist (Original Mix) [Adrenaline Records]


Aaron K. Gray & Junior White – Jesus (Instrumental) [Quantize Recordings]
Aaron K. Gray & Junior White – Jesus (Stacy Kidd’s House 4 Life Remix) [Quantize Recordings]
Aaron K. Gray – Jesus (Stacy Kidd’s House 4 Life Instrumental) [Quantize Recordings]
Alle werden fallen – Beton [recordJet]
Alle werden fallen – Bleiche Mutter [recordJet]
Alle werden fallen – Frag mich nicht [recordJet]
Alle werden fallen – Ich gegen mich [recordJet]
Alle werden fallen – In den Wald [recordJet]
Alle werden fallen – Nichts was mir fehlt [recordJet]
Alle werden fallen – Tout Le Monde (Outro) [recordJet]
BLKBRST & Wheezly – King of the Jungle [Play Me Too Records]
BLKBRST & Wheezly – Lose Your Mind [Play Me Too Records]
BLKBRST – Get FCKD [Play Me Too Records]
BLKBRST – The Creature [Play Me Too Records]
Bonsche – Fight for It (Original Mix) [YouTunez]
Dennis Haupeltshofer – All Of Me (Original Mix) [recordJet]
Emre KAYMASLI – Are You Ready (Original mix) [Rootkap Music]
Emre KAYMASLI – Rock This Place (Original mix) [Rootkap Music]
Fynite – Keep Falling (Extended Mix) [Kiez Beats]
Fynite – Keep Falling (Radio Mix) [Kiez Beats]
Joseph Spender – If You Change (Original Club Mix) [Sirup Music]
Monaco Trash Machine – I’ve Chosen Disco (Extended Mix) [You Love Dance]
Monaco Trash Machine – I’ve Chosen Disco [You Love Dance]
Paul Richmond – I’m on Fire (Extended Mix) [Enormous Chills]
Paul Richmond – I’m on Fire (Instrumental Mix) [Enormous Chills]
Paul Richmond – I’m on Fire [Enormous Chills]


Alberto Hernandez – Momentos (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
Alfonso Bottone – Grace (Alfio Mix) [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Alfonso Bottone – Talk to Me [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Alfonso Bottone – We Feel Good [Deep Obsession Recordings]
Beta Function – Convecting [Stereoheaven]
Chillelektro – Espoo [Stereoheaven]
Cleerbeats – Every Little Thing You Want (Original Mix) [Octiive]
FonnikDeep – Berries and Cream (Original Mix) [Abound]
Fory – El Mediterral (Original Mix) [Black Code]
Gab Rhome – Hexagon Earth Theorists (Original Mix) [TRYBESof]
Gab Rhome – You Want It Lighter (Original Mix) [TRYBESof]
Grammelot – Rushing [Stereoheaven]
Guy Maayan – Past, Present, Future (Original Mix) [Samambaia Records]
Jose Zaragoza – It’s Coming Back [Deep Hype Sounds]
Jose Zaragoza – Never Giving Up [Deep Hype Sounds]
Lee Delamere – Get Back (Original Mix) [Denied Music]
Lee Delamere – Gunboat Diplomat (Original Mix) [Denied Music]
Lee Delamere – Indoor Pursuits (Original Mix) [Denied Music]
Lee Delamere – Love Letter (Original Mix) [Denied Music]
Lee Delamere – Meat Coated Skeleton (Original Mix) [Denied Music]
Legendarian – Between Two Worlds O Deep [Diptorrid Recordings]
Legendarian – Mental Purification [Diptorrid Recordings]
Legendarian – Pathway Melody [Diptorrid Recordings]
Legendarian – Roots of Respect [Diptorrid Recordings]
Lisandro (Ar) – Border [Seven Villas]
Lisandro (Ar) – Lands Cape [Seven Villas]
Mario Villafranca – Less Likely (Original Mix) [DDiaz Recordings]
Mike Spirit – Alienated (Original Mix) [Zenebona]
Mike Spirit – Alienated (Soulfeed Remix) [Zenebona]
Mike Spirit – Alright, Come Close (Original Mix) [Zenebona]
Mike Spirit – Alright, Come Close (Peter Makto Remix) [Zenebona]
Oguzhan Turk – East Experience (Original Mix) [DeepShine Records]
Rodrigo Djedjeian – Deeping Up (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Samihe – Lessons [Seven Villas]
Samihe – Roads [Seven Villas]
Sigother – Pseudolite [Stereoheaven]
Square Plaza – Achronym [Stereoheaven]
Stube – Off the Top [Stereoheaven]
The Homing Instinct – Saganaki [Stereoheaven]
The Oxy Generator – Merely Amorphous [Stereoheaven]
Tuco Perez – Feal (Pablo Hdez Remix) [MY! Records]
Tuco Perez – Groove Vibes (Pablo Hdez Remix) [MY! Records]
byJORG – Again And Again (Danny C. Tone Shake Your Booty Remix) [DataTech]
byJORG – Again And Again (Original Mix) [DataTech]


Adzzy – Alternate Universe (Original Mix) [Monk Audio UK]
Adzzy – Bombay (Original Mix) [Monk Audio UK]
Apollo – Silent Storm (Original Mix) [Ballpark Recordings]
Black Barrel & Wingz – Sandstorm (Wingz Remix) [Lifestyle]
DOT & Revaux – Projections (Revaux Remix) [Lifestyle]
EdIt, Synth Ethics & Was A Be – Viscera (Synth Ethics & Was a Be Remix) [Lifestyle]
Furious Freaks – Corrupted Minds (Original Mix) [Black Magic Bass]
Glyph & Nami – Shake the Universe (Glyph Remix) [Lifestyle]
Jedi – Family Jewels [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Jedi – Fooling Around [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Jedi – Hangover [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Jedi – Wig Blew Back [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Klinical & Black Barrel – Africa (Black Barrel Remix) [Lifestyle]
Klippee, Combine & enta – Riot (Enta Remix) [Lifestyle]
Love Bass & Devastate – Cruise Control (Original Mix) [Diamond Dubz]
Mage – Rave Weapon (Radio Edit) [Celsius Recordings]
Nami, Lo & Klinical – Inside feat. ‘Lo (Klinical Remix) [Lifestyle]
Nelver – Heatwave (Original Mix) [Galacy]
Objectiv & Fre4knc – Dilapidate (Fre4knc Remix) [Lifestyle]
Objectiv, MC XL & Danger – Vermin feat. MC XL (Danger Remix) [Lifestyle]
Opius – New Jak Swing (Original Mix) [Ballpark Recordings]
Orion Concept – Dr.Destroyer (Original Mix) [Liquid Brilliants Records]
P.B.K. & Electrosoul System – Dark Ages (Original Mix) [Kos.Mos.Music]
P.B.K. – The Quantum Mirage (Electrosoul System Remix) [Kos.Mos.Music]
P.B.K. – The Quantum Mirage (Original Mix) [Kos.Mos.Music]
PhoroptiC – Close Your Eyes [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
PhoroptiC – Instant Reaction [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
PhoroptiC – Junglist [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
PhoroptiC – Ras Kitchen [Audio Overload Jungle Records]
Revaux & Animus – Colours (Animus Remix) [feat. Charli Brix] (Original Mix) [Lifestyle]


Erectus Void – Breaking Down (Original Mix) [Reload Music]
Falcito – Eistropfen (Original Mix) [Falcito]
Falcito – Electroroboter (Original Mix) [Falcito]


ACID TOM – Memories (Weltenwandler Remix) [Abound]
Alan Mille – I Know You Got Soul (Melodule Remix) [Abound]
Axcel Lence – Emotions (Original Mix) [eeprecords]
Bayonne – Drastic Measures (Instupendo Remix) [City Slang]
Bayonne – Uncertainly Deranged (Manatee Commune Remix) [City Slang]
Bayonne – Uncertainly Deranged (Yumi Zouma Remix) [City Slang]
C.Cil – Le Calcul [Good Vibes Only]
Constantin Clipa – Night Skipper [Good Vibes Only]
Constantin Clipa – White Pearl [Good Vibes Only]
Corrado Saija – Settembre [Good Vibes Only]
Dallas Acid – Emaljets Hav (Edit) [All Saints Records]
Dany Cohiba – Isla de Guilligan [Good Vibes Only]
Dany Cohiba – La Montserrate [Good Vibes Only]
Dark but Gray – El Malo (Original Mix) [AKASHA MX]
Dark but Gray – Volcanes (Original Mix) [AKASHA MX]
Falcito – Extrafahrt (Original Mix) [Falcito]
Falcito – Meeresrauschen (Original Mix) [Falcito]
Falcito – Sandschraube (Original Mix) [Falcito]
Falcito – Sommerwiese (Original Mix) [Falcito]
Father – One of Those Dayz [Good Vibes Only]
GESPONA – Dandarah (Silar Remix) [The Purr]
Homayoun Shajarian – Che Danestam (Seventh Soul Remix) [Tarr Records]
Jojo Effect & Dennis LeGree – No Joke (Gardener of Delight & Zouzoulectric Remix) [Good Vibes Only]
Living Room – Aether [Good Vibes Only]
Living Room – Nano Love (Ambient Exposure) [Good Vibes Only]
Marty Bobgarner – Tout Seul [Good Vibes Only]
Miika Kuisma – Trying My New Wings (Suburban Dream Remix) [Good Vibes Only]
PNFA – Climb Flight [Good Vibes Only]
PNFA – Hexilon [Good Vibes Only]
PNFA – Magic Mustard Machine (Mustard Diet Remix) [Good Vibes Only]
Pearldiver – Over the Edge [Good Vibes Only]
RIP Swirl – Careless [Public Possession]
RIP Swirl – Looser [Public Possession]
RIP Swirl – Noseblunt [Public Possession]
RIP Swirl – Slimey [Public Possession]
RIP Swirl – Untitled II [Public Possession]
RIP Swirl – Untitled [Public Possession]
Radio Cosmos – Gegenspannung [Good Vibes Only]
Radio Cosmos – Photoeffekt [Good Vibes Only]
Rico Casazza – Early Reflections [Good Vibes Only]
Sa-Doc – Roulette Russe (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Seel – Free Thoughts [Ohxala Records]
Seel – Glory Days [Ohxala Records]
Seel – Hope [Ohxala Records]
Seel – Seamless [Ohxala Records]
String – Big Bang [Octiive]
Watts & Ohms – 24 Muller Street [Good Vibes Only]
Worldtraveller – Born Jazz (Lo Fi Cut) [Good Vibes Only]
Worldtraveller – Noa [Good Vibes Only]
Yakay – L.axo (feat. Sillyjoe) [recordJet]
stereOMantra – Amazon (Original Mix) [OM Mantra Records]
stereOMantra – Summer of Life (Original Mix) [OM Mantra Records]
stereOMantra – Third Eye (Original Mix) [OM Mantra Records]
stereOMantra – Yantra (Original Mix) [OM Mantra Records]


Block & Crown & Bad Boy Bill – It’s Like That (feat. PJ) [Next-Gen-Records]
Giorgi Rico – Appreciante (Original Mix) [Barbecue Records]
Hudson Cerone – Come Back (Radio-Edit) [Casa Day Pots]
Hudson Cerone – Come Back [Casa Day Pots]
Hudson Cerone – Dance for Free (Casa Day Pots Chicago Jack) [Casa Day Pots]
Hudson Cerone – Dance for Free (Radio-Edit) [Casa Day Pots]
Lissat & Paul Jockey – Cuba (Extended Mix) [Tactical Records]
Lissat & Paul Jockey – Cuba [Tactical Records]


Assuc – Drexel (Alex Turner Remix) [Black Reverb]
Assuc – Neutrinos (Yu-Yu Remix) [Black Reverb]
Assuc – Techno Excession, Pt. 1 (Original Mix) [Black Reverb]
Bya – A10 (Original Mix) [Black Reverb]
Embryonated – Ewoks (Paranoika Remix) [Black Reverb]
Jess Bottom – Ibnter (Original Mix) [Black Reverb]
KUNIAKI TAKENAGA – Impact Drivers (Guillermo DR Remix) [Techno Vinyls Records]
KUNIAKI TAKENAGA – Impact Drivers (Hatewax Remix) [Techno Vinyls Records]
KUNIAKI TAKENAGA – Impact Drivers (Indus Bonze Remix) [Techno Vinyls Records]
KUNIAKI TAKENAGA – Impact Drivers (Original Mix) [Techno Vinyls Records]
Kochian – Opposite (Original Mix) [Black Reverb]
La Calva – Noise Revolution (Original Mix) [Black Reverb]
Rappiera – Burning Like Fire (Original Mix) [7th Cloud]
Rappiera – Dance Panic (Original Mix) [7th Cloud]
Rappiera – Happy Brithday (Retro Hard Dance Mix) [7th Cloud]
Rappiera – Hello Old School (Original Mix) [7th Cloud]
Rappiera – Ready! Steady! Go! (Original Mix) [7th Cloud]


Acusmouse – Elower (Original Mix) [Rawax]
Acusmouse – Endurica (Original Mix) [Rawax]
Acusmouse – No Discus (Original Mix) [Rawax]
Alex Gomez – Capablanca (Original Mix) [Channel Six Music Company]
Alex Preston – Have It All [Big Beat Records]
Angelica Rose – Bella Donna [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Bella donna (Vocal Extended Speed Me Up Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Fly in the Sky (Vocal Extended Speed Up Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Fly in the Sky [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Holiday (Vocal Extended Fast Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Holiday [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Look Me in the Eyes (Vocal Extended Summer Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – Look Me in the Eyes [BCR]
Angelica Rose – My Love Is Always Forever (Extended Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – My Love Is Always Forever (Vocal Extended Summer Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – No More in Love (Vocal Extended Slow Down Mix) [BCR]
Angelica Rose – No More in Love [BCR]
Cody Nasir – Cheteau Dolce (The Wiley Kiley Mix) [Selekta Recordings]
Cody Nasir – Every Time (Deeper Side Mix) [Selekta Recordings]
Cody Nasir – Glamorous [Selekta Recordings]
Country Gents – Keep On (Country Pitch Dub) [Buslife Records]
Country Gents – Keep On (Ed the Spread Communist Mix) [Buslife Records]
Country Gents – Keep On (Kinky Movement Remix) [Buslife Records]
Country Gents – Keep On (Rotty Remix) [Buslife Records]
Deep Factor – Like a Circle (Melodic Sinphony Mix) [Abound]
Del-30 – Soul Back [Big Beat Records]
Deneha – Songkran (Original Mix) [Abound]
Djxx – Happy Halloween (Party Mix) [Tuff Sound Records]
Djxx – Happy Halloween (Remix) [Tuff Sound Records]
Djxx – Happy Halloween (Silver Shamrock) [Tuff Sound Records]
Evgenii Grachev – In Hottest (Original Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Fertarium – Aleinoria (Long Synth Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Fertarium – Blue Eyed Dream (Extended Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Fertarium – Blue Eyed Dream (Original Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Fertarium – Inebria (Polarium Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Fertarium – Inebria (Synth Fun Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Fertarium – Kepler 1401 (Synth Mix) [E-Kosareva Records]
Freejak & Kathy Brown – Lose Control [Big Beat Records]
Hifi Sean – Feel the Music (feat. Celeda) [Big Beat Records]
Hofmann & Weigold – Eve (Instrumental) [Abound]
Hyslop – Stay Out All Night [Big Beat Records]
ID UA – Baile (Thomass Jackson Remix) [Calypso Records]
ID UA – Shlemazow (Original Mix) [Calypso Records]
Kiiara – Open My Mouth (Roisto Disco Dub) [Big Beat Records]
King Arthur & Junior J – Dancin’ Like Michael (Michael Meaco) [Big Beat Records]
LEFTI – 4am Taxi, Miami [Big Beat Records]
Manye – Black Mirror [Soul Shift Music]
Manye – Buoyant [Soul Shift Music]
Manye – Coud9ne (feat. UmphoSoul) [Soul Shift Music]
Manye – She Said (feat. Sam) [Soul Shift Music]
Manye – Thinking of You (feat. UmphoSoul) [Soul Shift Music]
Marcellus – The Cut [Big Beat Records]
Martin Hellfritzsch – Got Game (Original Mix) [Selectro]
Melodic T – Perfect Gentleman (Echo Soul Atomic Mix) [Abound]
Pansil – Funky Sh!t (Original Mix) [RollRock Records]
Pat Waller, Tony Waller & Waller Brothers – Good Days (Original Mix) [Hush Deep]
Pat Waller, Tony Waller & Waller Brothers – Hold On (Original Mix) [Hush Deep]
Quarzplage – Schneetreiben (Original Mix) [Abound]
Saronto – Freaky (Original Mix) [Monkey Stereo Records]
Stefano DG – Hot Big Trouble (feat. Jay Rolandi) [Club Mix] [M-Sol DEEP]
Stefano DG – Hot Big Trouble (feat. Jay Rolandi) [M-Sol DEEP]
Stuart Ormerod – Flute (Dan T Dub House Mix) [Captum Records]


Deejay Jones – A Spaced Overdose (Original Mix) [Boomtic Records]
Deejay Jones – Dank Side of Noon (Original Mix) [Boomtic Records]
Deejay Jones – Kinda Steep (Original Mix) [Boomtic Records]
Deejay Jones – Plotfarm (Original Mix) [Boomtic Records]
Sascha Funke – Geisterfahrer [Permanent Vacation]
Sascha Funke – Peace Bell [Permanent Vacation]
Sascha Funke – The Swarm [Permanent Vacation]


Herron – Billy’s Walk Home [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Herron – Losing Spirit [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Herron – Throwing Mud [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Herron – United Walls (Peder Mannerfelt Remix) [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Herron – United Walls [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]


A503X – Benediction (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
A503X – Blue Eyes (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
A503X – Punk (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
A503X – The Factory of Nihghtmares (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
A503X – Wild Wolf (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Against The Time – Arkaine I (Original Mix) [Prisma Techno]
Alex Progress – Ascension (Original Mix) [Sound Progress]
Alex Progress – Dreamlove (Original Mix) [Sound Progress]
Alex Progress – Generetor (Original Mix) [Sound Progress]
Avar Garden – Thunderstorm (Starkato Remix) [Awen Records]
Baikal – Baby You [Maeve]
Baikal – Hear Me [Maeve]
Bertech – The Sun (Manuel Ro RemIx) [Awen Records]
Blade&Beard – Aphrodite (Remains of Silence Remix) [Awen Records]
Caravaca – Eclipse (Original Mix) [+Ctrl]
Carlos Pires & Hopper – Arkaine II (Original Mix) [Prisma Techno]
Creative Machine – Dreams (Andro V Remix) [Groove 9]
EKDK – Serendipia (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Edu Pretz – We Belong to the Universe (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Exhile – No Time (Pedro Mercado – Karada Remix) [Awen Records]
GESPONA – Dandarah (Original Mix) [The Purr]
GESPONA – Jagd (After Burn Remix) [The Purr]
GESPONA – Jagd (Original Mix) [The Purr]
HONE – SquareCircle (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Karveltt – Uncover (Mihalyz Remix) [Awen Records]
Lorraine Roar – Resurgence (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Marcelo Ignacio – Empty Place (Original Mix) [Soleid]
Maxi Cetratelli – Beaches Sound (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Mental Order, Fresen & Tim Othy – Dimitri [Obenmusik]
Mental Order, Fresen & Tim Othy – Garena [Obenmusik]
Mirida – Follow [Heinz Music]
Mirida – Raven [Heinz Music]
Mirida – Volcano [Heinz Music]
Moonbeam – Koan [Moonbeam Music]
Moonbeam – Neophyte [Moonbeam Music]
Oliver Winters – Call After Dark [Steyoyoke]
Oliver Winters – Walls (Strinner Remix) [Steyoyoke]
Oliver Winters – Walls [Steyoyoke]
PonyTech – Bodzinator (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Rappiera – Victoria (Original Mix) [7th Cloud]
Remains of Silence – Therion (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Scott Rotton – Crossroads (Lunar Plane Remix) [Freegrant Music]
Sergio Sanchez – Black Lagoon (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Shome – Paiguen (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Simon Prod – Obsidian (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Viegas – Arkaine III (Original Mix) [Prisma Techno]
Willing & Abel – Terminal 4 (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Yon-x – Ostara (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
Yon-x – Soft Velvet (Remko & Aranda Remix) [Awen Records]
Znas – ChemSex (Jeekay Remix) [Znas Music]


Band&Dos – Geometrik (Original Mix) [Dirty Humans]
BioRytmic – Air Space (Original Mix) [OZONO RECORDS]
BioRytmic – Alien 1978 (Original Mix) [OZONO RECORDS]
BioRytmic – UltraDrive (Original Mix) [OZONO RECORDS]
Carbon – Different or Nothing (Original Mix) [Alula Tunes]
Carbon – Let It Ride (Original Mix) [Alula Tunes]
Chris T – Aspen Eyes [Conceptual Deep]
Chris T – Crystallization [Conceptual Deep]
Chris T – Cutfluff [Conceptual Deep]
Chris T – Present Ensnarement [Conceptual Deep]
Chris T – Shaman D Rim [Conceptual Deep]
Chris T – Stay Here [Conceptual Deep]
Chris T – The Witness Is Behind the Eyes [Conceptual Deep]
Christian DM & Edu Escartin – Cue (Original Mix) [Miaw]
Christian DM & Edu Escartin – Summer Vibes (Original Mix) [Miaw]
Cor100 – Bleepz (Original Mix) [MixCult Records]
Cor100 – Rembrandt Dub (Dan Goul Remix) [MixCult Records]
Cor100 – Rembrandt Dub (Original Mix) [MixCult Records]
Dasero – Algorhythm (Dubman F. Ambient Remix) [Tonic D Records]
Dasero – Algorhythm (Original Mix) [Tonic D Records]
Dasero – Avocado (Jorge Cary Remix) [Tonic D Records]
Dasero – Avocado (Original Mix) [Tonic D Records]
Dee no & Zamoras – Answer [Klaphouse Records]
Dee no & Zamoras – Get Me [Klaphouse Records]
Draganeskool – Call Me So (Original Mix) [Ole Rec]
Draganeskool – Take That Box Off (Original Mix) [Ole Rec]
Elle-T & Paul Cart – Dope In the Jet (Martin OCCO Remix) [Noisy Neighbours]
Elle-T & Paul Cart – Dope In the Jet (Original Mix) [Noisy Neighbours]
Elle-T & Paul Cart – Some D (Alessio Bianchi Remix) [Noisy Neighbours]
Elle-T & Paul Cart – Some D (Original Mix) [Noisy Neighbours]
Entoniu & Agape – Book From Berlin (Original Mix) [Welter Records]
Entoniu & Agape – Modulator (Original Mix) [Welter Records]
Entoniu & Agape – Vinyl (Original Mix) [Welter Records]
Enzo Leep & Gorbani – L.E.M. (Melodie Remix) [Abound]
J.P. Torres & Sheepie – Control (Original Mix) [Music By The Eye]
Matias Sapag – Giggle (Original Mix) [Archon Records]
Matias Sapag – Scowl (Original Mix) [Archon Records]
Nyaller – I Don’t Give Advice (Antonio Ariano Remix) [Conscious]
Nyaller – I Don’t Give Advice (Evan (Italy) Remix) [Conscious]
Nyaller – I Don’t Give Advice (Original Mix) [Conscious]
Pinto – Apple Jax (Reyam Remix) [Deeperfect Records]
Pinto – Apple Jax [Deeperfect Records]
Pinto – Boutique Freaks [Deeperfect Records]
Raul Figueroa – Deepin (Dub Mix) [IWANT Music]
Raul Figueroa – Deepin (Original Mix) [IWANT Music]
Rod Riot – Apocalyptica Dancerl (Original Mix) [Future Visions Label]
Rod Riot – Delete Destroy (Original Mix) [Future Visions Label]
Scott Kemp – Four (Original Mix) [Unreleased Plattform]
Scott Kemp – Four (Rowlanz Remix) [Unreleased Plattform]
Scott Kemp – Four (Sacke Remix) [Unreleased Plattform]
Scott Kemp – Untitled005 (Original Mix) [Unreleased Plattform]
Sheepie & J.P. Torres – Bazar De Cox (Original Mix) [Music By The Eye]
Vetro – Greed (Delaj Remix) [Honne Music]
Vetro – Greed (Max Tolmachev) [Honne Music]
Vetro – Greed (Original Mix) [Honne Music]


Aaron Dmitriew – Early Morning Flight (Original Mix) [Synth Collective]
Aaron Dmitriew – Sand & Sky (Original Mix) [Synth Collective]
Alter & Antai – Altair [Cloudbreak Records]
Alter & Antai – Chasing Wild Horses [Cloudbreak Records]
Ancone – Asymptote [Freegrant Music]
Ancone – Fuchsia [Freegrant Music]
Boxer – Dream Any Dream (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Boxer – Dream Any Dream [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Boxer – Jandri (Club Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Boxer – Jandri (Extended Club Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Boxer – Jandri (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Boxer – Jandri [Colorize (Enhanced)]
Creative Machine – Dreams (Edvard Hunger Remix) [Zephyr Music]
Creative Machine – Evidence (Deep Shepherd Remix) [Groove 9]
Dex Atro & Alex Vela – Fantasy (Original Mix) [DeepNHeat]
Dex Atro & Astro-Cat – Bassdown (Original Mix) [DeepNHeat]
Dimi Mechero – Stuck In The Rain (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Dylan Deck & Willscape – From Within (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Echo Daft – Chasing the Birds (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Eduard Belner – First Contact (Dan Nusdeo Remix) [3xA Music]
Eduard Belner – First Contact (VA O.N.E. Remix) [3xA Music]
Element 108 & Darren McMenamin – Kosmonova (Original Mix) [Full Tilt Recordings]
Ewan Rill – Pushing (Original Mix) [Clinique Recordings]
Frankie M. – Dark Butterfly (Original Mix) [Clinique Recordings]
Geronimo Eguiguren – Another Land (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Glenn Molloy – Downtown (Akshay Mathker Remix) [BC2]
Glenn Molloy – Downtown (Findike Remix) [BC2]
Goda Brother – City Above the Clouds (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
Jeancy – Somnus (Original Mix) [Awen Records]
K.Oshkin – Aura (Ewan Rill Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Kay-D – Deep Pression (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Koschk – Made Of Stars (Rise And Fall Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Leon Capeta – No Train Without Raills (Original Mix) [Clinique Recordings]
Lio Q – Factus (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
MXV – Breathing Space (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Matan Caspi – Eunoia (Original Mix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Matt Black – Blindspot (Original Mix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Maximo Gambini – Head Breaker (Original Mix) [Clinique Recordings]
Muzungu – Inspiration (Original Mix) [Indiefy]
Nazim Sahin – Fine Arts (Original Mix) [Musata Music]
Night Shift Master – Tribalistic (Rise And Fall Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
NooSphere – Talk To The Wind (Janno Kekkonen Windy Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Numedian – Balearic Summer (Kataploks Remix) [Soluna Music]
Numedian – Balearic Summer (Martin Zeidner Remix) [Soluna Music]
Numedian – Balearic Summer (Nygma Remix) [Soluna Music]
Numedian – Balearic Summer (Original Mix) [Soluna Music]
Onyx-k – Burning (Extended Mix) [Chris Burke]
Onyx-k – Burning (Instrumental) [Chris Burke]
Onyx-k – Burning (Original Mix) [Chris Burke]
Proff – For the Last Time (Breaks Mix) [Silk Music]
RUZGR – False Positive (Original Mix) [Duenia]
Rebus Project – The Heavens (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
STEREO MUNK – Metatonia (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Shingo Nakamura – Always (Alex Pich Remix) [Silk Music]
Sienna – Polar (Dub Mix) [Silk Music]
Sound Quelle – LoMe (Progressive Mix) [Silk Music]
Stan Chetverikov – Catharsis [Silk Music]
TH Moy – Insolidus (Original Mix) [One Of A Kind]
Vintage & Morelli – Cozy Life [Silk Music]


Abigail Noises – Inkanyezi Yokusa (Original Mix) [Nustromo Music]
Chunky – Children of the Revolution (Original Mix) [Purple Haze Records]
Chunky – The Secret Library (Original Mix) [Purple Haze Records]
DOXA (FR) – Face Code (Original Mix) [Sahman Records]
Fabio Fusco – Basic Instinct [Spin Twist Records]
Magik & Tromesa – Intangible Things (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
Phanatic & XYZed – Agni (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Solodchi Mix – Flow (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]
Solodchi Mix – Radiance (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]
Solodchi Mix – Stone Jungle (Original Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]


Adrian Mart – Guateque [Jekos Music]
Adrian Mart – La Picolina [Jekos Music]
Adryen – Its Underground (Keah Remix) [Barbecue Records]
Akademik – Altair (Original Mix) [Harvibal]
Akademik – Augurio (Original Mix) [Harvibal]
Blazout – Every Culture (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Blissari – Shake Mama (Original Mix) [Space Invaders]
Bompe – My Love (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Bruno Conti – Echo Love [Cr2 Records]
Cowlin – Everybody (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Cris Cobena – Fly Away (Original Mix) [Run Records]
Cris Cobena – Mujica (Original Mix) [Run Records]
Cuartero – Balaba [Hottrax]
Cuartero – Come on Closer [Hottrax]
DJ Man – Extasy [Cr2 Records]
DJ Philip, Franco La Cara & Eduardo Delvino – Hunting (Original Mix) [Nanouchi Music]
DNF & David Puentez – Hot In Herre [Cr2 Records]
Daddato – I Don’t Know (Extended Mix) [Brazuka Music]
Daddato – I Don’t Know [Brazuka Music]
Dan Gayle – Patience (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Dura – Comino (Jon Rich Dub Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Esquadra – Cvstodia (Original Mix) [Calumnia Records]
Esquadra – Hedonistic (Original Mix) [Calumnia Records]
Faucon – Cloudless (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Freezeout – No More [Cr2 Records]
Fumanchu – Allrigth (Original Mix) [Valencia Records]
G.E.N.O.M. – Posol s marsa (Original Mix) [Abound]
Gabriel Evoke – Are You Rolling [Swerve Digital]
Gaminow – The Meaning (Original Mix) [Space Invaders]
Gianluca Rattalino & Marco, Basile – FiestOn (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Hardmix – Dusseldorf (Alternative Remix Instrumental) [Mercado Paralelo Music]
Hardmix – Dusseldorf (Alternative Remix) [Mercado Paralelo Music]
Hart & Neenan – Speak (Original Mix) [Little Festival Records]
Holggy – Far Away (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Holggy – Studio 54 (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Honey Bunny – Full Raskolbas (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Honey Bunny – Full Raskolbas (Oziriz Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Honey Bunny – Go Into Trance (Oziriz Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
House Anatomy – The One [Cr2 Records]
House Legion – Eleven [Cr2 Records]
Jacek Stachursky – Zaginaaay (PJONAX Extended Remix) [Cr2 Records]
Jacek Stachursky – Zaginaaay (PJONAX Remix) [Cr2 Records]
Jaime Cabrera – Now Is the Same (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Jaime Cabrera, Rico Star & Tony Mafia – It’s Gonna Be Alright (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Jake Whitehouse – Haus [Swerve Digital]
Jess Bottom – Facundo (Nezvil Remix) [Moore Dancing]
Jess Bottom – Facundo (Original Mix) [Moore Dancing]
Jon Rich – Sweet Dreams Baby (Dub Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Jon Rich – Sweet Dreams Baby [Compressor Recordings]
Jose Del Amor – Funk! (Enzo Siffredi’s Remix) [Moai Tech]
Jose Del Amor – Funk! (Tito Cava Remix) [Moai Tech]
Jose Del Amor – Funk! [Moai Tech]
Joy Marquez – La China (Original Mix) [Defka Recordings]
Kevu & Reggio – Push It Down [Cr2 Records]
Khong – Feel the Wah [Swerve Digital]
Koston Ferelly – Changes (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Latishev – Silicon Souls (Radynamix Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Lee Pearce – Sanook Sax [Swerve Digital]
Luke Hassan – Mine Is Yours [Swerve Digital]
Maky Kruse – Kilymandiaro Sunset (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Marko Surki Suran – Believe (House Anatomy Remix) [Cr2 Records]
Marnik – Shinobi [Cr2 Records]
Martin Hellfritzsch – Got Game (Revlow Remix) [Selectro]
Martin Hellfritzsch – Got Game (Sandor Remix) [Selectro]
Martin Phill – Rebirth (Original Mix) [Midnight Express Records]
Mason Collective & Stacey Pullen – It’s Time [Whippin]
Mason Collective – Technoey Tech [Whippin]
Mescal Kids – What You Saying [Swerve Digital]
Miami Shakers – Love [Cr2 Records]
Miss Dre – If You Wanna (Original Mix) [Cream Dance Records]
Mun4t1 – Nusim Albahr (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
None – Groove Machine [Cr2 Records]
Oziriz & Dura – Rocky (Flagman Djs Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Aero Cox (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Bomberman (Yell Of Bee Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Bomberman (feat. Dura) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Cheerful (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Cheerful [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Lets Goo (Shugar House Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Napoli (Dub Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Off On (feat. Dura) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Takeoff (Honey Bunny Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Upward Movement (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Oziriz – Upward Movement [Compressor Recordings]
PIPO SALTY – Duck Wave (Original Mix) [Deep Bear]
Piero Scratch – Out Of Me (Original Mix) [Space Invaders]
Prok & Fitch & KYOZO – Crave the Rave (Radio Edit) [Relief]
Prok & Fitch & KYOZO – Crave the Rave [Relief]
RV – Disorder (The Revolving Junkie Rework) [Abound]
Rafa Tevar – Esa Guitarra Buena (Original Mix) [Culturebeats Records]
Re-Charged & RickFire – Everybody [Cr2 Records]
Remi Blaze – Dance Fever (Original Mix) [See The Sea Records]
Rico Star & Tony Mafia – Can You Feel It (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Rico Star – Dark Jungle (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Roni Joni – Mappa (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Ruddek – Boring Talk (Extended Mix) [ARTWRK]
Ruddek – Boring Talk [ARTWRK]
Santez – South Divide [Swerve Digital]
Sasha Sound – Equipment (Original Mix) [Sambit]
Sergii Petrenko – Come On (Tookroom Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Sid Delight – Mole Dance (Br!tch Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Solonto Soles – Scolder (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Solonto Soles – Scolder [Compressor Recordings]
Spooner Street – Give You Everything [Cr2 Records]
Strikly Nine – Come Get This (Original Mix) [Discokat Records]
Stuart Ormerod – Flute (Alec Soren Remix) [Captum Records]
Stuart Ormerod – Flute (CALV (UK) Remix) [Captum Records]
TWISTERZ & Waveshock – Body Flow [Cr2 Records]
Techno Mama – Crazy Move (Oziriz Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Techno Mama – Hype (Oziriz Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Techno Mama – Monotonic (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Techno Mama – North [Compressor Recordings]
Techno Mama – Ubadaba [Compressor Recordings]
Tommy Bones – 800 Fantasy (Instrumental) [Nervous Records]
Tommy Bones – 800 Fantasy [Nervous Records]
Tommy Orellano – Dark White (Original Mix) [Haliaeetus Music]
Tommy Orellano – Listen (Original Mix) [Haliaeetus Music]
VSNS – Be the One (UK Hardcore Edit) [Cr2 Records]
VSNS – Wild Love [Cr2 Records]
Valentino Orsini – Okay Mate [Swerve Digital]
Volkoder – Feelin’ (Extended Mix) [Toolroom]
Volkoder – Feelin’ [Toolroom]
Waverokr & Violet Land – AquaSol (Original Mix) [District Eight]
Work Friends – Rock My [Cr2 Records]
Yell Of Bee – Drunk Robots (Radynamix Remix) [Compressor Recordings]
Yell Of Bee – Procopos (Original Mix) [Compressor Recordings]
Yell Of Bee – Yellow Lamp (Oziriz Remix) [Compressor Recordings]


69 Starfighter – Achtung (Cinema Airport remix) [Allan Folt]
AULE – Breathe In Breathe Out (Original Mix) [dZb Records]
AULE – Broken Mirrors (Original Mix) [dZb Records]
Abyss & Dee Dolphin – Amateratsu [Ovnimoon Records]
Abyss & Dee Dolphin – Waterland [Ovnimoon Records]
Abyss – Sensuality [Ovnimoon Records]
Andy Notalez – Another Reality (Original Mix) [DSR Digital]
Andy Notalez – Overrun (Hanubis Remix) [DSR Digital]
Andy Notalez – Overrun (Original Mix) [DSR Digital]
Angle – Bell X-1 (Original Mix) [Tiptop Audio Records]
Angle – Forbidden Planet (Original Mix) [Tiptop Audio Records]
Angle – Hyperloop (Original Mix) [Tiptop Audio Records]
Angle – Porridge (Original Mix) [Tiptop Audio Records]
Antonio Lombardo – Free Will (VIP) [Bang Le Dex]
Antonio Lombardo – Imperfect Perfection [Bang Le Dex]
Antonio Lombardo – W.O.D. [Bang Le Dex]
Antonio Lombardo – Whale Song [Bang Le Dex]
Bertzi – Starlight Extinction (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Boho & Mycell – Fuze (Original Mix) [Night Light Records]
Boho & Mycell – Snapper (Original Mix) [Night Light Records]
Camera Security – Musick [Tripalium Records]
Camera Security – Step Game [Tripalium Records]
DJ 3000 – Pariah (Chord Mix) [Motech Records]
DJ 3000 – Pariah [Motech Records]
DJ M.A.X – V.O.L. (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Dario Coiro – Blow Hammer (Original Mix) [Ushuaia Music]
Dario Coiro – Control the Pain (Original Mix) [Ushuaia Music]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Shake & Bounce (Clean Mix) [Motech Records]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Shake & Bounce (Dirty Mix) [Motech Records]
Dike Disko & Burning One – Bad Experience (Original Mix) [Emulsion Records]
Dike Disko – 333 Am (Original Mix) [Emulsion Records]
Dimi Angelis – Canvas [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Cynicism [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Micro Cosm [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Outer Being [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Seekers [Mord]
Dimi Angelis – Time Wave [Mord]
Dok & Martin & Carlos Perez – Crossed Nerve (Original Mix) [Voltage Records]
Dok & Martin & Carlos Perez – Marine Storm (Original Mix) [Voltage Records]
Dystopic L. – Angst (Original Mix) [Nomad]
Dystopic L. – Sadness (Original Mix) [Nomad]
Erik Pijl & Stephanie Noordermeer – Acid Ride (Original Mix) [Hijacked Records Detroit]
Erik Pijl & Stephanie Noordermeer – The Cure (Original Mix) [Hijacked Records Detroit]
Fedor Astral – Silky Silence (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Fran Cisco – Kassist (Lautaro Ibanez Remix) [Homesick Music]
Fran Cisco – Kassist (Original Mix) [Homesick Music]
George Perry – Tough Hunter (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Groofeo – Dissolve in a Dream (Original Mix) [Sanex Music]
Gusttavo Luys – Dark Space (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
IHEIZ & Monococ – Antimonio Left (Kreisel Rework) [KRSL]
IHEIZ & Monococ – Antimonio Left (Original Mix) [KRSL]
IHEIZ & Monococ – Antimonio Right (KRSL Rework) [KRSL]
IHEIZ & Monococ – Antimonio Right (Original Mix) [KRSL]
Ian Axide – Wire (Original Mix) [Emphatic Records]
Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly – Like 9 (Drumcomplex Remixu) [Studio3000 Records]
Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly – Like 9 [Studio3000 Records]
Kidcult – Liberte (Original Mix) [Abound]
Larsen & Wave – Ufo Club (Original Mix) [Abound]
Luegoh & Naeiiv – Patina (Naeiiv Remix) [Geistzeit]
Luegoh – Eukaryo [Geistzeit]
Luegoh – Patina [Geistzeit]
M. Rodriguez & Ivan Feher – Lenticular (Karol Melinger Remix) [Marktek Records]
M. Rodriguez & Ivan Feher – Lenticular (Mark Wheels Remix) [Marktek Records]
M. Rodriguez & Ivan Feher – Lenticular (Original Mix) [Marktek Records]
M.Rox – Cotovelite (D-Richhard Remix) [Marktek Records]
M.Rox – Cotovelite (Downtown Remix) [Marktek Records]
M.Rox – Cotovelite (M. Rodriguez Remix) [Marktek Records]
M.Rox – Cotovelite (Original Mix) [Marktek Records]
M.Rox – Cotovelite (Ruy Kraizen Remix) [Marktek Records]
Mariano Santos – Bishop Say (Original Mix) [Skull Label]
Mariano Santos – Esquema (Original Mix) [Skull Label]
Marrio Jr. – Internal State (Original Mix) [Mixupload Tech]
Marrio Jr. – Jovian (Original Mix) [Mixupload Tech]
Marrio Jr. – Moving Forward (Original Mix) [Mixupload Tech]
Mauro Picotto & MOOLS – All I Need Is Komodo (Heartmode Radio Edit) [Alchemy (Italy)]
Mauro Picotto & MOOLS – All I Need Is Komodo (Pagano Radio Edit) [Alchemy (Italy)]
Mauro Picotto & MOOLS – All I Need Is Komodo (Radio Edit) [Alchemy (Italy)]
Max Delta – Natural Beauty (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Mettie – Abra a Oca (Original Mix) [Althea Records]
Mettie – Abra a Oca (Vocal Mix) [Althea Records]
Moddullar – Txen (Original Mix) [Emphatic Records]
Mooz – Done (Original Mix) [Smashead Records]
Mooz – Save (Original Mix) [Smashead Records]
Murat Ugurlu – Focus (Original Mix) [No-Match]
Murat Ugurlu – High Hopes (Original Mix) [No-Match]
Panzer Knacker – 13hr Drive (Boszicht Remix) [Fugazy Entertainment]
Panzer Knacker – 13hr Drive [Fugazy Entertainment]
Paranoid Sales – Kept Hitting (B-Ya! Remix) [Technz Records]
Paranoid Sales – Kept Hitting (Jess Bottom Remix) [Technz Records]
Paranoid Sales – Kept Hitting (Original Mix) [Technz Records]
Paranoid Sales – Kept Hitting (X6Cta Remix) [Technz Records]
Patrick Hero – Nasty Dreams (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Ponte – Kinky (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
Rabo & Traumata – Temascal (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Radio Slave – Another Club (Charlotte De Witte Remix) [Rekids]
Radio Slave – Another Club (Srvd Remix) [Rekids]
Rappiera – The Voice of Galaxies (Original Mix) [7th Cloud]
RazKod – Cave Beach (Original Mix) [Shodan Records]
Ricardo Carota – Bad Dream (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Rod Riot – Everon (Original Mix) [Future Visions Label]
S-Donz – Caliente (Joy Marquez Remix) [76 Recordings]
Sandro Galli – Instability (Original Mix) [Counter Pulse]
Sandro Galli – Sinusoid (Original Mix) [Counter Pulse]
Sendlak & Iggy Rom – Assuming (Grymek Sunset’ Remix) [Dirty Stuff Records]
Sendlak & Iggy Rom – Assuming (Luke Caspi Total Remix) [Dirty Stuff Records]
Sendlak & Iggy Rom – Assuming (Original Mix) [Dirty Stuff Records]
Some Me – Delayed Turn (Original Mix) [Technologic Recordings]
Stanislav Sqai – Schizophrenic (Original Mix) [Abound]
Steam Shape – Forget About Time [Respekt Recordings]
Steam Shape – Into My Veins [Respekt Recordings]
Sven Wittekind – Addiction (Original Mix) [ELEVATE]
Sven Wittekind – Bengalo (Original Mix) [ELEVATE]
Sven Wittekind – Rejected (Original Mix) [ELEVATE]
The Wild Pig & Tosch – A Boar Dreams About Dancing [ToschMusic]
Thomass Jaguer – Agua del Rio (Inner & Key Remix) [Tanira Recordings]
Thomass Jaguer – Agua del Rio (Pedro Pires & Night Creatures Remix) [Tanira Recordings]
Titi – Instinct Animal (Original Mix) [TaiJi Records]
Van E – Fike Fike (Original Mix) [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Van E – Infinite Space (Original Mix) [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Van E – Vector (Original Mix) [Spliced Vinyl Recordings]
Vertical Spectrum – Drapichrust (Original Mix) [Emphatic Records]
Vince Weyn – Inception (Stephen Disario Remix) [Bonkers Records]
Vince Weyn – Inception [Bonkers Records]
Vince Weyn – Krefeld [Bonkers Records]
Vince Weyn – Pretender [Bonkers Records]
Vince Weyn – Remember [Bonkers Records]
Voiski – Calls From Above [ara]
Voiski – New Continents & Ancient Rivers [ara]
Voiski – Reaffirming Eternity [ara]
Voiski – She Was Running Late [ara]
Voiski – That Sinking Feeling [ara]
WaveBndr – Drm Dvst [Tripalium Records]
WaveBndr – Memry Lss [Tripalium Records]
Xenia (UA) & Greenjack – Kevlar [Codex Recordings]
Xenia (UA) – Atmosphere [Codex Recordings]
Xenia (UA) – Mutinous [Codex Recordings]
Yigitoglu – Dawn (Original Mix) [No-Match]
Yigitoglu – Interval (Original Mix) [No-Match]
Yukari Okamura – Censure [OVUNQVE]
Yukari Okamura – Tomb [OVUNQVE]
letaem – Aerobus (Original Mix) [Green Snake Records]
letaem – Tocata (Original MIx) [Green Snake Records]


Aleckat – Dark Moon (Original Mix) [Digital Diamonds]
Aleckat – Dusty (Original Mix) [Digital Diamonds]
Aleckat – Extract (Original Mix) [Digital Diamonds]
Aleckat – Others (Original Mix) [Digital Diamonds]
Aleckat – Tempest (Original Mix) [Digital Diamonds]
Avrupts & LLolita – Dancing with the Clouds (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Avrupts & LLolita – Hyperfall (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Diego. Morrill – Clepsidra (StanV Remix) [Audio Treatment]
Diego. Morrill – Clepsidra [Audio Treatment]
Discomal – Still Looping My Mind (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Softive – Imaginator (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Softive – Origins (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Softmal & Avrupts – Illusion (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Softmal & LLolita – Deja-vu (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Softmal – Come Alive (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Softmal – Vortex (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
Venice Beach Summer ’85 – The Meaning of Love (Radio Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]