Azul Loco – Enemies Close (feat. Neeko Muzik) (Original Mix) [LMIT Worldwide]
Beatmasta – Chill Out , Royal Piano & Drink (Original Mix) [Zombie Digital]
Beatmasta – Get funky (Original Mix) [Zombie Digital Records]
Beatmasta – Im Tryna (Original Mix) [Zombie Digital]
Beatmasta – LA (Beatmasta Reflex Sound) [Zombie Digital]
Beatmasta – What You Sayin (Beatmasta Remix) [Zombie Digital]
Beatmasta – Why 1980 (Original Mix) [Zombie Digital]
Beatmasta – Wooden Ships (Beatmasta Love Vibe Remix) [Zombie Digital]
Big Tyme, BK Army – Last Time Feat. BK Army (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Bloody Rain – DNA (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Fuck Up Some Commas (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – I Got Pounds, I Got Ounces (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – I Got The Weed (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Ima Roll Another Blunt Bitch (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Le Rumble (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – My Name Is Pt 2 (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Plan D (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Right About Now (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – She Call Me Daddy (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Slippery (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Bloody Rain – Where My Issue (Original Mix) [Americas Most Youngest]
Blush – Cinderella (Dance Mix) [Music World Music Inc]
DELAX, Young Maxim – Kicking Up Dust (Original Mix) [Defco Records]
Der Asiate, 4Tune – Bang Shui (Original Mix) [Bassukah]
Edvin. V – Streets Of Ghetto (Original Mix) [Unmatched Music]
Eside Dodie – Mothers Day (feat Courtlin Jabrae, Legendary Fya Man & Producer Pitt The Kid – Explicit) [Block Boy City]
GROOVYTEK, The DropStarz – SMASH (ft. The DropStarz) (Original Mix) [Vox Records]
Gifted – Money Callin (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Hotboyteck – #4ME (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Alafaya Trail (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Brad Pitt (feat Rello) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – By The Door (feat Illest Rated & Comrade Villain) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Down Set Hut (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Nothing Last Forever (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Rock Star! (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Slip N Slide (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Stand By (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Voss Interlude + + (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
Hotboyteck – Wasted (Original Mix) [EaglesFly]
IDeUS – Aurum (Original Mix) [Stell Selections]
IDeUS – More Rum For The Pirets (Original Mix) [Stell Selections]
IDeUS – Piano Storm (Original Mix) [Stell Selections]
J. Rabon – Love Drunk (Original Mix) [Inara Records]
JerzeyB – Remember (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Jessica Jolia, King Real – Change Feat. Jessica Jolia (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Limetone – Sculpture (Original Mix) [Mountain Gorilla Music]
Louis Rain – NO TIME (Original Mix) [Repost Network]
Manny – Anyway (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Military Minded G – Don’t Like To Talk (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Nola – Stash (feat. Blast) (Original Mix) [LMIT Worldwide]
Okiba – Feeorin (Original Mix) [Vamous Recordings]
Okiba – Hamadryad (Original Mix) [Vamous Recordings]
Okiba – Lunantishee (Original Mix) [Vamous Recordings]
PnB Rock – Selfish (Shlohmo Remix) [Atlantic Records]
Prince Lava – The Program (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
QuestionQ – Move (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Rayna J – ATL Fitted (Feat. Rah-Nyse) [LE Distribution]
Rayna J – I Do (Original Mix) [LE Distribution]
Ricci Paje – Bound Free (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Ryan Julian, Bngrlne – Alig! (Original Mix) [Qurve Recordings]
SAGA7 – Death Note (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
SAGA7 – No Sympathy (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Saint, King Real, Oun P – Lyricist Feat. Oun P, Saint (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Salma Slims – 100 Racks (Original Mix) [Private Club Records]
Shark – Fluindo (Original Mix) [Sharkscartel]
Silk Drizzle – After Party Feat. Ayo Luciano (Original Mix) [Mondotunes]
Silk Drizzle – Speak On It (Original Mix) [Mondotunes]
Steez, Rico Act – 300 Bands (Original Mix) [Repost Network]
The Almighty Colony – Sturd Up (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Unplugged – Blonde Walking (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Unplugged – Intriga (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Unplugged – Radio (Original Mix) [Bentley Records]
Xmpl – Before June 2nd, 2017 (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – Go Ahead (feat Retro Reid) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – Inaugration Day (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – Rotisserie Chicken (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – S600 Royale (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – This Is Me (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – Thoughts (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Xmpl – What I Deserve (Original Mix) [Stoopid Rich Kids]
Yeshua Alexander – Comin Thru (Original Mix) [yA Music Group]